What Marketers Can Learn From TikTok’s Data

Do you have a TikTok account? Want to know how to evaluate the success of your TikTok advertisements?

TikTok Analytics is Available to Pro Users Only, So Upgrade Now!

Like Instagram Creator accounts, TikTok’s new “Pro” accounts come with an analytics tool built right in. Use the analytics dashboard to learn more about your TikTok audience and the effectiveness of your uploaded videos.

Changing to a paid Pro subscription is simple. To start, go your profile’s settings and select the Manage My Account link. Choose Pro Account on the following screen.

When upgrading to a Pro account, data can be recorded by TikTok analytics, but it won’t be shown on the dashboard. There may be a delay of up to 7 days before you get any actionable information from your account. To maximise your learnings during this time, I suggest uploading as much content as possible on TikTok.

Overview of TikTok’s Analytics Profile (2nd)

You can see how well your TikTok profile is doing as a whole by clicking on the Overview page. You can see how many people have watched your videos, looked at your profile, and followed you.

Video Plays

At the very top of the Overview section, you’ll see the amount of times your films have been viewed on TikTok over the last 7 or 28 days, which is displayed as total Video Views. The information here is segmented daily.

Points of Perspective on Profiles

How many times a user’s profile was seen in the last 7 or 28 days is tracked by the Profile Views measure on TikTok. As this data is broken down each day, you can determine which posts are generating the most interest.

Quantity of Followers

Your total number of followers over the last 7 or 28 days is graphically represented in the Followers graph.

With the help of follower insights, you can connect the dots between the number of people who have seen your videos and the people who follow your account as a whole. You can tell if your material was interesting enough to make people follow your brand by comparing the number of new followers to the number of days you published content.

With the data in hand, you can create a solid plan for content promotion. You’ll be better able to predict your account’s rate of growth and set up a publishing schedule after you have a firm grasp on your content conversion rate.

Statistics from TikTok’s Followers Analytics

You may get a high-level overview of your audience’s demographics by clicking on the Followers tab in TikTok statistics. There is an option to view your audience as a % of the total worldwide population, as well as a gender and geographic breakdown.

TikTok’s rapid expansion into new nations means that the distribution of its regions is likely to seem somewhat different from one to the next.

Statistics from TikTok’s Content Analytics

There is a wealth of information available in the Content section of TikTok’s statistics. In a glance, you can see how popular each video post has been over the previous week, from newest to oldest.

It also displays the overall amount of views your videos have received during the specified time period, as well as information on which of your videos have been trending on the For You page during that time.

You can see where exactly your followers are located by looking at the Followers page and comparing the territories where your posts have had the most engagement with your total audience territories. The next step is to test how well various content types are received by fresh viewers in various geographic regions. You can increase production of comparable posts that do well in specific regions if you analyse the data.

Use Pentos to Research Similar Pages

TikTok’s built-in analytics tool is great for examining your own profile’s success, but it doesn’t provide any information on the popularity of other users’ accounts. TikTok does not have any information that would be helpful in revealing information about rivals or potential influencer partners.

Because there is presently no public TikTok API, current influencer platforms cannot provide users with useful information about public accounts. I set out to find a method for finding credible TikTok influencers, and I just came across Pentos, a service that uses information from public profiles to provide analysis of user activity on the app.

Pentos provides analysis of hashtag competitions in addition to profile data. Brands who want to be nimble and produce content for highly engaged themes might benefit greatly from this resource. You can rapidly ascertain whether or not it is worthwhile to invest effort in creating content for pertinent problems by monitoring the success of trending hashtags.


TikTok gives a remarkable potential for marketers seeking to increase their interaction with millennials because it is a relatively new platform. With more downloads than Instagram in the first half of 2019, as reported by Sensor Tower. TikTok also led the iOS App Store in total downloads for the previous five consecutive quarters.

Although though TikTok has a sizable user base, many major businesses have been hesitant to include it into their marketing strategies due to a lack of data analytics. It was challenging for companies to connect the dots between the efforts they put into the platform and the results they saw since there was no built-in analytics tool. In addition, this made it impossible for companies to evaluate the success of their partnerships with influencers.