TikTok vs. Instagram: Which Is Better for Your Business?

TikTok vs. Instagram is still a hotly contested topic. Both demonstrate the widespread enthusiasm for video among today’s youth. Both now have over a billion users on a monthly basis, with Instagram leading the way with over 1.3 billion. That’s a lot of people who could see what you’re offering, which means a lot of possible buyers.

Is there a preferred system? How can you know if TikTok or Instagram marketing and sales is where your time is better spent?

Below, we highlight some of the key distinctions between TikTok and Instagram to help you choose the platform that is right for your business.

Platform Comparison

You need a thorough familiarity with both systems before you can make a well-informed decision about your marketing approach.

Below, we’ve summarised some of the key capabilities of the two visual platforms for readers who aren’t already familiar with them.

Functions of Instagram

Facebook is the proud owner of Instagram. The vast majority of the network’s users are under the age of 45, however the platform attracts people of all ages.
Smart advertising capabilities are included, as is the case with most Facebook offerings.

Among Instagram’s promotional tools are:

  • You’re getting the stream. Here we may view posts from people we know, posts from accounts we follow, and advertisements.
  • It’s real-time video.
  • IGTV. The ability to post full-length videos in a “TV network” fashion.
  • Shoppable. This is essential for making money on Instagram.
  • Promotional content. Here’s your chance to boost the exposure of a post for a price.
  • Hashtags. They consolidate related postings into a single location, making it easier to find specific information. Reach and interaction may be increased by using appropriate hashtags. Hashtag generators are available online to help you find or generate the perfect hashtag for your needs.
  • Filters. Filters may be used to photos and videos on Insta to alter and enhance their appearance.
  • There are a number of companies actively using the platform’s robust advertising tools to expand their customer bases. To increase their sales, L’Oréal, for instance, collaborated with 15 beauty content artists in Indonesia. Their sales increased by 10% thanks to the marketing.

Functions of TikTok

Despite being a relatively new network, TikTok has quickly become more popular among young people than Instagram.
The central idea is that people would upload and exchange short videos. Because of its musical heritage, many videos on TikTok today feature either dancing, lip-syncing, singing, or comedic skits.

Previously, videos were only 15 seconds long; now, four of them may be joined together. TikTok has also raised the bar, allowing videos up to three minutes in length. Videos created in other apps can also be uploaded to TikTok.

The programme also features basic video editing tools like adding music and filters. The emphasis on sound is also much greater here than it is on Instagram. By responding to a user’s video, you can “duet” with them.

Taking Advantage of TikTok and Instagram

Strategic choices are vital for the success of any business. With 87% of video marketers reporting a positive ROI, it’s clear that video and social media marketing are a winning combination.
Do you exist on both?

When it comes to social media marketing, having the ability to “be everywhere” is a major plus. TikTok vs. Instagram may not be the only option. You shouldn’t, to use a figurative expression, put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, you have the option of making content for both platforms.

Both TikTok and Instagram allow for the submission of content created by marketers outside of the applications. Making and sharing videos is a breeze with both of these services.

Having a foot in both camps is not a bad idea. However, one will nearly always benefit your company more than the other.

Targeting the Appropriate Audiences

TikTok and Instagram users tend to be in the younger age bracket. Advertising platforms allow you to specifically target people beyond the age of 50, although doing so may not yield optimal results.

Consider that if you run a business offering a skincare product aimed at people over the age of 50, TikTok’s extremely youthful user base might not be the best target audience for you. Instagram may have a larger user base. Targeting with precision is key.

On the flip side, if your target market consists mostly of women under the age of 30, you may reach them effectively using both Instagram and TikTok.

Think About Influencer Advertising

Both platforms saw significant engagement from influencer marketing initiatives like L’Oréal’s recent launch.

Both TikTok and Instagram have a lot of followers, making them ideal for forming collaborations with influential people in your target market. 93% of respondents are currently using Instagram for influencer marketing, and 68% plan to utilise TikTok as well, according to the State of Influencer Marketing 2021 survey.


Testing is crucial whether you’re attempting to sell things on Instagram or advertise your brand on TikTok.

Constantly testing what works for your company is essential when it comes to internet marketing.

Using Instagram analytics, you may spy on your rivals’ social media tactics. The data collected can inform future plan adjustments. Insights on your marketing initiatives may be gleaned from other sources as well.

You may adjust your strategies and get better outcomes based on this information.

Thankfully, metrics are available on both Instagram and TikTok. These might help you figure out what your target demographic is doing and how they respond to your advertisements.

Interesting Material

If you want your marketing efforts on TikTok or Instagram to be successful, you need to focus on creating content that people actually want to watch.

People spend a lot of time on these sites because they offer useful information in bite-sized chunks. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide material that is interesting, informative, and straightforward.

To succeed, your material needs to be engaging, hilarious, or entertaining; short films may be very effective in this regard.