The Complete Guide To Sell Products On TikTok

TikTok is used by millions of people daily to learn about new companies and items they can purchase. In fact, 58% of TikTok users report learning about new brands and products through the app. You’re missing out on a great chance to raise your company’s profile and attract new customers if you aren’t communicating with them on TikTok.

Ready to expand product visibility?

Stop right there. In this manual, we will examine practical advice that can be used to increase sales on TikTok.
Create a company bank account.

To begin selling on TikTok, you must first create a business account. The TikTok Shopping tag, which is used by businesses to showcase their wares, is unavailable to users with personal accounts.

  • Instructions for upgrading from a personal TikTok account to a company one are as follows.
  • Select the options menu by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your profile.
    Just head on over to the Privacy and Settings menu.
    Select Account Management followed by Convert to Business Account.
    At last, select the heading that most accurately describes your company.

Benefits of using TikTok for business are numerous. The top three are as follows:

  • Use of the TikTok Store. You can now set up shop on TikTok and sell your wares to the masses without ever leaving the app. Your fans and customers can check out your wares and make purchases without leaving the app.
  • Use of the TikTok Enterprise Platform.

The Analytical Power of TikTok

For users with a business account, TikTok now has a “Creative Hub” that provides tips on what’s popular and how to improve their channel.

Be sure your TikTok page is optimised

Optimizing your TikTok profile is the first thing to do after upgrading to a business account. Potential buyers will first check out your profile after coming across your content.

Make an effort to have a distinguishable profile picture and name. Maintaining a consistent online identity for your brand means using the same profile picture, account name, and username across all of your social media profiles.

Integrate your online store with your profile

You can integrate your online store with TikTok if you use Shopify or BigCommerce. By doing so, your wares can be featured in the “shopping” section of your profile, where potential buyers can peruse them without leaving the site.

Place ads on the video sharing platform TikTok

According to data compiled by TikTok, the app has a major bearing on consumers’ decision-making processes when making purchases. Nearly half of all TikTok users have said they’ve bought something they saw on the app.

Based on these numbers, it’s clear that TikTok is a powerful sales engine. Furthermore, advertising is the most efficient method for rapidly increasing platform sales. When you’re just starting out on TikTok and your channel doesn’t have a huge fan base, ads are the quickest way to get your brand in front of more people.

Using the following methods, you can increase the visibility of your TikTok videos:

  • If you want to edit your profile, select the ellipses (…) in the top right corner.
  • Then, after selecting Creator Tools under settings, click on Promote.
  • Choose the video you want to advertise under the Promotions tab. It’s important to remember that commercial videos can’t use any songs that have been licenced for commercial use.
  • Pick out a target audience for your ad. It could be the number of people who follow you, or the number of people who visit your site, or the number of people who watch your videos. The ‘visits’ ad objective is suggested if you want to increase sales. The viewers of your ad will be directed to the website you specify. You may also select a call-to-action button, such as “Shop Now,” to direct readers to make a purchase.
  • Find the people you want to talk to. Select either “Automatic” or “Custom” to change the settings.
  • The final steps are to set your budget’s timeframe and enter your payment details. The ad will begin playing after you select Start Promotion.

It’s also helpful to have an understanding of the various ad formats out there before launching an advertising campaign.

Connect with key opinion leaders

When used properly, influencer marketing can increase sales on the video sharing platform TikTok. People with a lot of credibility and followers on the platform are considered influencers because they can help you reach your audience more effectively. Cooperating with them will increase the exposure of your product to a large audience.

Working with influencers on TikTok is most effective when you pick those who have an engaged audience interested in what you have to offer. Quality followers are preferable to quantity of followers.

When do you need to use the TikTok Creator Marketplace?

With the TikTok Creator Marketplace, companies and creators can work together on paid and free projects. Currently, 24 countries offer it to their citizens.

A creator’s location, content genre, audience size, and average video view count are just some of the factors that brands can use to narrow down the creators they want to collaborate with.

Use content created by your audience

In order to increase your sales, you should encourage your audience to make product-related TikTok videos and then share them on your account.

User-generated content (UCG) is a powerful advertising medium. Over ninety-two percent of consumers, according to surveys, value the opinions of others before making a purchase.

Produce interesting material

Motivating your TikTok audience to take action by sharing your content is a surefire way to boost your sales. It will be tough to generate revenue from ad views if your intended demographic isn’t watching your videos. The following are some tiktok concepts to consider as you develop your own interesting content.