Formats for Social Media Video Production

Online videos have become a major communication medium.
This article will discuss the many kinds of videos that may be used in a social media video content marketing plan.

Explanatory Videos and Tutorials

If you’ve ever tried to educate yourself via the Internet, you might have discovered that video lessons were the most helpful. In comparison to reading a 5,000 word article, seeing a video that walks you through the steps of constructing, say, a computer, is far more manageable.

You have a massive potential to give value, engage your audience, and show off your skills through the medium of video. According to a 2018 report by Sprout Social, more than 59% of customers actively seek out social postings that teach them something new.

Creating tutorials and how-to videos that teach your audience a skill related to your company is a great way to capitalise on this fad. Video tutorials on how to use, assemble, or bake with a certain brand’s home goods are a great added value.

Consider the subset of business applications concerned with managing costs. The easiest approach to market something as complex as expenditure management is through mockups and video lessons for speedier understanding onboarding, as accountants and Finance teams have very little time to assess a programme. It also facilitates assessment and adoption of the digital transformation by Finance teams and other important stakeholders.

Similarly, tax compliance software that might be confusing to new users can now include video guides explaining the program’s features and functionality. Videos outlining the process of filing taxes can also be shared. They provide a large number of tax filing guides broken down by country. However, if they provided more video guides, they may pique even more customers’ interest in their programme.

Make Tutorial Videos for Your Products

An individual’s propensity to buy might be influenced by postings they see on social media. Therefore, you should write pieces that highlight the benefits of your product. Create product movies that showcase its benefits in addition to still photographs.

Present a summary of the product or its main characteristics in each video. Since it’s casual, it will come off as more natural than more overtly promoted videos.

The films may be included on landing pages to help consumers understand complex topics.

Personal video productions

Think about how much more impactful other videos will have if your own social media videos prove to be as effective. Taking videos isn’t always enough. You’ll want to tweak them so that they better represent the values and history of your brand. It may take a few days for the procedure to complete.

You may use customer-created videos as brand content instead of making them yourself.


Engage your most devoted followers and ask for their assistance. Solicit video testimonials from them. Thousands of viewers will already exist if you’re doing films for a well-known company.

Videos like this, which were created by your dedicated audience, provide a great opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation for their continued interest and participation in your brand’s social media activities. Having more individuals want to make content for your business is a good thing. As you and your followers produce and distribute more material, you expand your audience and spread the word.

Instead of working with a traditional advertising firm, Doritos enlisted the help of its loyal customer base by having them create and test commercials for the Super Bowl. They put out a call for people to submit their own 30-second Doritos commercial with the only instruction that it be fantastic. Following the campaign, a flood of novel suggestions emerged.


Sharing news about your brand’s newest items and their features with your followers on social media is a great way to keep them engaged and interested in your business. Sprout Social Index found that 60% of customers are interested in content that introduces new products and services.

In order to begin making movies documenting product launches, you may be certain knowing the following.

Include some lighthearted moments to keep viewers engaged. You may make a product stand out more by giving it a unique colour scheme and a fresh take on the features. You should add pictures and other content.

Video Interviews with Questions

Videos in the form of interviews or Q&As are another wonderful way to connect with your audience and provide useful content.

Make films in which influential people (both in and outside of your field) are interviewed. Fans may be kept interested by collecting and vowing to answer questions sent by users, and interviews with consumers can be conducted utilising video conferencing business software.

It’s best to make the announcement ahead of time and use social media to solicit inquiries. Then, collect, review, and respond to all of the inquiries.

Prerecorded sessions are always an option, but live video is worth a shot as well. You can have a more natural discussion with the audience in the moment.

Videos of Events

Spreading the word about your event via social media might help draw people in. However, it’s not always possible to convey your enthusiasm and the buzz of the event with just words and pictures. Videos are a great tool for this since they paint a vivid image of the buzz that is building up to an event.

The easiest way to broadcast a full event in real time is using a live video feed. Unfortunately, going live at the same moment an event begins is not always an option. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone will want to sit through a film that runs for 30 minutes or more.

Videos From Behind the Scenes

Show the audience how things really work by providing them with interesting and informative behind-the-scenes material.

This type of film is fantastic for introducing your company’s values and introducing the individuals that make your brand what it is. To better connect with your target demographic and humanise your company, try using some of these video marketing techniques.