8 Social Media Post Ideas To Boost Engagement

Though it’s rarely discussed, coming up with fresh and engaging content for a social media campaign and maintaining a strong presence across various platforms is a major challenge.

Most marketing jobs now require candidates who can manage multiple social media profiles and keep them active and interesting. Even though it seems simple, that is far from the case. Keeping up a steady schedule of posting, especially after four, five, or more months, is no easy feat. Most seasoned marketers will agree that having a few preconceived ideas for social media posts is helpful for those times when you’re at a loss for what to share.

Organize an Ask Me Anything

This format gained traction on Reddit and provides an excellent opportunity to educate your audience about your company, its offerings, and any current marketing initiatives. AMAs are a great way to get to know your audience and start a dialogue with them, so think of them as a Q&A session. While AMAs are fantastic for influencers who want to connect with their audience, many marketers are under the impression that they are primarily beneficial to the influencers themselves.

Disseminate User-Generated Information via Sharing, Retweeting, and Regramming

No one says you have to be the sole source of information shared on social media. There’s always the option of letting the crowd take over. In addition, you can join the larger debate in your field by distributing photographs and articles related to your business to your followers.

You’ve probably heard that while promoting a brand, the “80/20 rule” or “Pareto Principle” should be followed. This means that only 20% of your feed should be dedicated to promotional posts and that 80% should feature information that is intriguing, thrilling, and engaging. Your social media profile will read more like an honest reflection of who you are rather than a sales pitch if you do this.

Make Quick Video Clips

Videos are a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy nowadays. No matter your goals for your social media presence, including videos is the single most effective technique to increase your following and attract new followers. Nevertheless, many businesses think making films is beyond their resources or time commitment.

You have to ask yourself what is preventing you from generating films given how much more likely they are to be viewed, shared, and loved.

Create Educational Materials and Video Guides

There are other ways to get your message out to clients than writing blog entries. Tutorial videos and how-to guides can garner a lot more views than articles, especially if they are posted on the correct social media channel, but articles have the advantage of being evergreen and reusable. Buzzfeed is a company that fits this description. They’re continuously coming up with and sharing great recipes, and they’re really good at explaining how to make them. Each of their movies is under five minutes long and so straightforward that anyone who watches it will feel certain that he or she can replicate the dish at home.

Create Memes

Some of you may find the suggestion extremely unprofessional, but you should really give it a shot. Humor is a great way to make your business seem more approachable and real to your customers, so bear with me. After all, Instagram and TikTok were not created to host serious business communications.

Have a contest or give away

People are often swayed by the promise of a freebie, so it’s no surprise that advertisements continue to thrive. If you want your social media material to generate engagement from your followers, one of the finest things you can do is run one or two contests over a set period of time. Examining the interaction on Instagram posts that are and are not associated with a contest or giveaway reveals a significant discrepancy across any given account.
Not holding a contest every two weeks is also important. It’s true that holding competitions and giving away freebies is a great method to grow your interaction and the number of people following your account, but you need to be strategic about it or people will quickly get bored.

Start a Thread

Avoid having your feed look like a collection of unrelated items by planning out content that may be released over the course of a week or a month to give the impression of continuity.

If you want to engage your audience on a regular basis, it’s smart to launch a series that people will want to talk about in their own feeds and amongst their friends and family.

Take over somebody else’s social media accounts

To try something completely new and exciting, it’s sometimes necessary to hand the reins over to someone else for a couple of days. Social media takeovers allow you to temporarily give control of your account to another user (usually 24 hours). It’s their responsibility to think of content to share on social media during that window.

Assigning a famous or influential person to handle your company’s social media accounts is a great way to generate buzz, raise brand recognition, and introduce your business to individuals who may not be familiar with it. Your material will be refreshed and your audience will be more engaged with each takeover. Videos that use cutting-edge techniques and show off your creative side tend to draw in the largest viewers and keep them coming back for more.