Secret’s Secret To Online Popularity

Once upon a time, consumers could be seen flipping through glossy brand catalogues of Victoria’s Secret with eager anticipation. Now, in the present day, people no longer flick through catalogues to look at the products; rather, they use their smartphones. However, the desire to get the newest pieces from popular brands is stronger than ever.

The lingerie, apparel, and cosmetics company Victoria’s Secret has an impressive online following. If you visit any of their social media pages, you will be inundated with stunning visuals.

Comprehensive plan for social media

One of the most popular brands on every major social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn is Victoria’s Secret. The company’s social media channels are consistently updated with engaging material, resulting in hundreds of new followers every day.

Victoria’s Secret holds several industry records. Brand leader in the fashion business; with 68 million Instagram followers, good for second place after Nike; around 11 million Twitter followers, good for sixth place among brands.

From January 1, 2018, through September 30, 2019, we analysed the main Victoria’s Secret social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This is what we discovered.


The photo and video sharing platform has become an effective venue for advertising goods and services. It’s no surprise that Victoria’s Secret has almost 69 million followers on Instagram and is the second most followed company overall. The company’s use of models dressed in VS clothing in advertising helps elevate the status of the brand.

Over 10 million new followers were added to Victoria’s Secret’s account over the time period under review, representing a rise of 17.9 percent and an average of 32,000 new followers every day.

Marketing your content

There were 2,409 total posts throughout the time frame we looked at on Victoria’s Secret’s account; 1,996 were images and 264 were videos. Brand engagement was highest with visual material, namely photographs.

Instagram is all about aesthetics, and Victoria’s Secret knows how to do it better than anyone. The majority of the brand’s Instagram posts feature attractive ladies wearing the label’s products in scenic settings with vivid colours. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that pictures are their most popular posts.

Marketing with influencers

Victoria’s Secret has a large number of influential people it may tap into to reach a wider audience and promote its brand. The brand’s loyal customer base disagrees with Victoria’s Secret’s decision to feature celebrities other than its angelic models.

Shortly after posting a photo of influencer Jenny Cipoletti wearing the brand’s label, customers lashed out in the comments section, demanding that the company only use the brand’s models moving forward. Victoria’s Secret deleted these posts from their Instagram account.

Social Media Lessons from Victoria’s Secret

Regular updating

You can better monitor your progress and gain the trust of your audience by sticking to a regular posting schedule. At least once a day, Victoria’s Secret updates its social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Relationship with the Clients

A feeling of community may be fostered by interaction with the audience and openness to diverse feedback. When you address the concerns of your listeners, they will appreciate you more. Victoria’s Secret does this by swiftly addressing all of their customers’ concerns on any platform they’re present on.

Thirdly, content tactic

The quantity of material is less important than the quality of that content. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that Victoria’s Secret’s content approach is same across all platforms. Every one of the brand’s Instagram posts has the same coordinated colour scheme, composition, and even caption.

Victoria’s Secret is proof that a well-executed social media strategy can help a company thrive in the modern economy. Check out Unmetric Analyse if you want to know how to improve your social media presence.

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