How to Make Highlight Reels Without Filming Anything?

There’s no need for me to provide statistics to demonstrate the meteoric rise of Instagram Reels over the past several years. If you’re still in that period, I bet you found yourself longing to flip through some reels even as you read this.

TikTok films that could be shared on Instagram as Reels sparked the rise of the Reel format. As a result, the identical material was seen by nearly twice as many people. India and a few other nations have prohibited the usage of TikTok, which has contributed to its popularity surge there. They also uploaded the same footage to Instagram Reels so that their fans could see and engage with it.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, companies have shifted their whole marketing efforts to include interaction via social media. As a result, Reels has gone from being a minor marketing tool to a vital one, used by virtually every business to promote their wares.

Why am I telling you all this, though? What good will this do you?

So, let me explain you how to simplify your marketing efforts using Reel. How? By providing a list of helpful resources where you can find and download free movies suitable for editing and usage in Instagram Reels.

Ready? Go, then!


If you’re looking for free movies to use in your own social media posts, Pexels has a vast selection that you may download and use. So that artists, designers, and makers may have quick and simple access to high-quality content, they provide it for free. This is referred to as “Empowering Creators” by Pexels.
You may get free downloads of videos in both landscape and portrait orientations. Ownership acknowledgement is not required but is appreciated. They also provide a way to save the media you find most interesting. To organise related files, you can create a “Collection” folder. This means you can quickly and easily schedule your folders after browsing and adding to them in a single session.


Here’s yet more site where you may watch videos without paying anything. Stock films and motion graphics are available on Videvo, which may be downloaded and used in your own projects or in your social media scheduling and preparation. Furthermore, they provide sonic backdrops and accompaniment for no cost. A user can create a folder for videos that share a common subject if they so want.
You may narrow down your search for the perfect video by selecting specific criteria such as the clip’s licencing, genre, duration, resolution (720p, 1080p, or 4k), and more. They provide three distinct varieties of licences: one that requires no payment, one that requires acknowledgement to the creator (Videvo), and the Creative Commons licence. You may get the videos without giving any acknowledgment to the creators if you get the royalty-free licence. You must provide proper credit to the creator for the other two types of licences.


Pixabay is a free resource for a wide variety of media, including photos, animations, drawings, vector graphics, audio clips, and more. You can use these movies in their current form, or make changes to them to suit your needs. Pixabay allows users to search for and download high-quality images and movies in a variety of formats, including HD (1080p) and 4K. (2160p). You may also select to see the videos in the most watched, editors’ pick, forthcoming, or newest order.


The video sharing website Videezy also provides users with the option to download their uploaded videos at no cost. You may limit your video search results to only the most recent uploads or to certain categories. They cover a broad spectrum of topics, each of which is further subdivided into several subtopics. Under the Urban heading, for instance, people can choose from several settings such as Landscape, City, Metro Station, New York, Ghetto, etc. Once you make a decision, a series of additional controls allow you to fine-tune your video experience to your exact specifications. Options include file format, resolution, licencing, and kind.


Canva is a popular programme used by many people in the creative industries, including designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and social media managers. You can get free stock footage from them, but you have to use their video editing software to get it.


Envato, one of the most popular digital hubs for creative resources, has developed a product called Mixkit. It has a wide variety of free video effects, music tracks, and video templates. Videos on Mixkit may be sorted through a wide variety of categories. There are many different types of posts, such as those on nature, lifestyle, business, animals, food, etc.

It’s great that they include a section for ‘Verticles,’ because those are some of the greatest kinds of content to find online. This is easier to use than the other sites I’ve mentioned in this article, making it ideal for Instagram Reels (and Stories). Mixkit provides all of these clips with a free licence for public use. This licence gives you the right to download and use these movies for any lawful purpose, including sharing on social media, uploading to YouTube, using in online marketing campaigns, using in the classroom, using in the production of films, and more. This licence, along with the others they provide, may be researched on their site.

The time savings from using free stock videos may be substantial. Some of these services are far more useful than others since they allow you to organise your collection into folders. This expedites the process of opening, downloading, editing, and sharing your work.

All of these sites include free videos, but there are clearly one or two that stand out from the others. To find the best place to watch new, up-to-date videos without interruption, it’s best to experiment with several options.