Here Are 3 Ways To Improve Your Visual Strategy Using Pinterest And Instagram

Visual consistency and the personality of your brand are now as crucial as ever before Much less time is spent paying attention to the message than was previously believed. People skim over or completely disregard texts on the web in favour of visual content like graphics, movies, images, and memes. Because of this, images and other forms of visual material are increasingly important.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest play a significant role in any visual marketing plan. On both platforms, you promote your company using images and clever layouts. The appropriate image, hashtags, description, and audience targeting are also important. Competition for users’ attention is fierce due to the abundance of available material online. Improve the aesthetic appeal of your Instagram and Pinterest profiles with the help of Vista Social’s robust content creation and management capabilities.

The platform may be used for content planning, audience engagement, team collaboration, and performance analytics.

Creation of Material and Publishing on the Web

Social media content creation is crucial since it directly affects how people view a brand or individual. Putting out material that is both original and pertinent is a great way to boost brand awareness and sales. Better content attracts more readers, who in turn buy more of your products.

Vista Social simplifies the process of creating and sharing content on Instagram and Pinterest from scratch or by curating and sharing information from other sources. Create draughts of posts for one or more social media channels, complete with media (videos, pictures, and more), audience targeting, and keyword tagging. Review and organise your Instagram and Pinterest material with ease with the handy posting calendar, which allows you to rapidly filter by tag, profile, and date. Vista’s in-built approval procedure is great for legal, compliance, and collaboration purposes, whether you’re interested in agency collaboration or peer review.

Boosting Participation Rates using Hashtags

A hashtag is the doorway to the material you seek. Hashtags are a great way to advertise your account, draw attention to your posts, and help your audience locate them on social media. In order to get more people to see their profiles and interact with them, many companies would include a big list of relevant hashtags in a post. Instagram and Pinterest both benefit from the same method.

If by “technical information” you mean hashtags used for advertising, then yes, they still count in a post. Some people believe that include hashtags in the initial remark helps the post appear more organised and polished, while others believe that doing so makes the caption look spammy. Comments, along with saves, reposts, and likes, are a great way to spread the word about a post and get it in front of more eyes. As soon as the article becomes live, you can start promoting it by publishing your hashtags in the comments section.

Strategy for Cross-Promotion

Partner recruitment, audience bonding, and social media post interaction rates can all benefit from cross-promotion. By promoting your content across many social media channels, you may reach a wider audience, strengthen relationships with your current consumers, and attract new ones. While Instagram offers you instantaneous interaction with followers, remember that Pinterest takes time to create engagement.

The benefits of a cross-posting strategy are as follows:

You won’t need to devote as much effort to developing unique posts for each social media platform. You still have time to make one awesome post and share it throughout social media.
You may remind all of your followers of who you are, expanding your reach. The sight of an abandoned business account is a sight to see.
You take an active role, which in turn brings in new fans.

One other benefit of sharing the same material across many platforms is enhanced brand recognition. Your audience will be exposed to more of your brand’s message if you share material across different channels.

Using the Vista Social Publishing Calendar, you can easily share your Instagram photos on Pinterest and other platforms. By sharing your Instagram content on Pinterest, you may increase interaction from Pinterest’s home feed, search, and related pins.


When your business’s visual strategy for social media is well-executed, it may increase sales, foster brand loyalty, and put you ahead of the competition. There are several tools available now to help you improve your visual approach.

Instead of wasting time looking for the best Instagram and Pinterest publication optimisation strategies online, you should use Vista Social’s solutions. Every scheduled and published post on your social media networks will be optimised with the help of the platform’s features and methods. Get started with a free, fully-featured plan, or test out the whole toolbox for a price that makes effective social media marketing possible on any budget.