Is Audio Necessary For Instagram Stories? [Recent Studies]

Many mobile users may choose to view Story material without music because they are in public, standing near people, or at school or work.

Even story systems have argued over whether or not this component is required. MarketingLand reported recently that Snapchat promotes producers including music in their Stories, while Facebook discourages it.

Three Soundless Instagram Stories You Should Check Out

Dropping music entirely is an option if you need to cut costs, reduce production time, or both. However, in order for a user to comprehend and interact with a Story, you should ensure that the visual material you create is both interesting and educational. Some well-known companies that succeed in this area are listed below.


Starbucks publishes user-generated content including product reviews and testimonials on its Stories platform. These elements of advertising material not only pique the curiosity of viewers and potential consumers, but also function effectively without any accompanying audio.

For instance, a recent Starbucks ad challenges watchers to predict the return of a fan-favorite beverage. The company then unveils the S’mores Frap and a picture based on the top text-based responses in the next page of the Story. S’mores Frap videos can be made more interactive by allowing viewers to vote on their favourite flavour and estimate the total number of S’mores featured.

Harvard Business Review

Management, expertise, and advice on advancing one’s job are common story themes in the Harvard Business Review. Although HBR has occasionally posted movies and audio material to its Instagram Story, the majority of its Stories are condensed versions of longer articles.

Instead of having to listen to a soundbite or watch a video to comprehend the content, each page of these adapted Stories will typically feature a blurb of text, survey, or challenge.

HBR uses Instagram’s survey, quiz, and other interactive Story features to increase the attention and engagement of their text-based Stories. However, the magazine puts its own innovative twist on interactive stories.

The publication provides a burn-out schedule that readers can copy, paste, and cross off as they go in the following sample. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, the narrative will tell you what to do next.


Our social media team at HubSpot rarely shares audio-enabled Stories, but more often than not, they use interactive elements like surveys, polls, and bite-sized chunks of text to convey the same message. As an illustration of our use of Instagram’s new direct message functionality, consider the following:

The above example demonstrates how our social media team uses brief summaries to provide additional context for the subject at hand. Our social media team keeps users engaged by posting photos and funny GIFs in Stories.

How to Make Listening to Silent Media Interesting

Is your content plan ready to include quiet content, such as your first Instagram Story?

Getting acquainted with Instagram Stories’ many mute but still interesting features is a good place to start. Then, if you’re thinking about expanding into new platforms with silent content, here’s an excellent primer to making silent video.