11 Instagram Stories Tips To Enhance Engagement Rate

Having trouble getting more Instagram followers or making a name for yourself there? You’re not alone in this predicament, which is why we’re providing some tips on how to improve your Instagram Story’s visibility and readership.

When everyone else is discussing Instagram post topics, hashtags, and advertising, we believe Instagram Stories should stand on their own.

More than three-quarters of Instagrammers report watching stories daily. They have hundreds of profiles they follow, including friends and businesses they’re interested in, making it one of the quickest ways for them to absorb material.

Ways to increase Instagram Story views and interaction

Stickers and other Instagram Stories interactive enhancements allow for a wide variety of creative applications. But here are a few of our personal favourites:

Include Interesting Quotations

Above all things, quotes are pithy, direct, and easily shared. Inspiring, enlightening, funny, or useful in the workplace. Discover a fitting quote online, copy it, then paste it into your Instagram Story.

Apply timer stickers

Using a countdown sticker on Instagram Stories, you can let your audience know exactly when your next post, live broadcast, product release, or other event will go live. This lets your listeners in on the secret of the countdown. Include the time, day, and name of the event. Your engagement will increase if your followers talk about the countdown on their own stories and set an alert to be alerted when it’s over.

Make a Request for Advice

By inquiring as to the needs of your clientele, you may gain insight into what kinds of material would interest them and which of your services are most well-liked. For this Instagram Story concept, the ‘ask me a question’ sticker works best to not only increase interaction but also collect data for strategic planning.

Promptly inquire

A strong call to action in an Instagram Story may significantly increase the amount of interaction with your content. You may interact with your audience and conduct some informal market research by using question stickers. The best way to start a discussion on Instagram Stories is to add a question sticker. You may utilise Direct Messages to get in touch with respondents or include their comments into a forthcoming story. Asking questions is a simple call to action that may increase engagement among your audience.

Promote your site with a Link Sticker!

As of late, you may lead your Instagram followers to your other websites by using the link sticker that was added to Instagram Stories. The addition of a link sticker makes it easy to integrate external URLs in Instagram Stories, and it serves as a replacement for the swipe-up link functionality. This sticker may be used to direct visitors to your fresh online presence, whether it a blog, a business, or a website.

Promote user-generated content

As more people interact with your company, they may also begin tagging you in Instagram Stories they post. Don’t ignore them; reshare their post on your Instagram Story with a lovely sticker expressing gratitude for the endorsement. It’s also a terrific method to show appreciation to your audience.

Take a Survey

We also think polls are a fun addition to an Instagram Story. Taking a poll forces readers to slow down and consider the questions and answers, which prevents them from skimming articles. To get feedback from your Instagram followers, just add the poll sticker to a series of posts.

Make a test

If you want your followers and intended audience to pay attention to the stuff you provide on Instagram Stories, you may try something like a poll. Guide them through a set of questions and possible responses so that they may reach a decision on their own; this might be as easy as announcing the winner of a trivia contest via your company’s Twitter account.

Make a quick guide and some tricks

Tutorials serve two purposes: they show potential customers how to use your product, and they teach current customers how to get the most out of it. Create Instagram Story Highlights and Instagram Stories with quick how-tos that your followers can watch anytime they like. Providing clear answers and examples boosts consumer trust in the company.

Reveal the faces behind the company

Brands of all types may benefit from individual touches. Allow everyone on your team to shine by letting them provide a brief introduction of who they are, what they do, and a funny anecdote about themselves. You can combine this strategy with others, like having a coworker take over an existing story or documenting their day in the office, to give your audience a taste of the company’s culture through Instagram Stories. Potential employees could be more interested in working for your company after hearing a tale like this. Think about organising a tour of the office, for instance.

Think about working with influential people

Working with well-known influencers is another another method for increasing Instagram Story engagement. Influencers, like employees, can take over your account for a day and post tales about their interaction with your goods, their daily lives, or their visit to your studio, office, or workspace. It’s a fantastic strategy for being noticed by the influencer’s audience and expanding your own fan base!

Concluding Remarks

For brands and profiles, Instagram Stories represents a mostly unrealized potential. However, they are often just used to reshare what is uploaded on the feed, including posts, carousels, videos, and Reels; we advocate creating a supplementary plan utilising the aforementioned Instagram Story ideas!

However, the real secret to making the most of Instagram Stories is to maintain a steady schedule of posting and to try out new things with the material you publish. You should also examine the responses of your intended audience and adjust your approach accordingly.