Most individuals believe that sponsored advertisements or influencer marketing are the only ways to achieve substantial development on Instagram.

And although they do assist, they’re really only pieces of the hidden puzzle that can catapult your Instagram success to new heights:

Formula for Expanding Both Traffic and Conversions

This is the only method proven to increase followers on Instagram. To increase your Instagram account, you need to attract more visitors to your profile or convince more of them to become followers.

The truth is, you’re probably having trouble with both of them. This is why it’s so hard to gain traction on Instagram, regardless of your efforts or the hashtags you employ or the number of profiles you interact with.

For this reason, I will explain in detail how to maximise your Instagram growth by attracting more visitors and converting them into buyers.

Methods of Involvement

The next step to increasing profile views and following is to provide insightful comments on the postings of others.

Creators will be grateful when you visit a hashtag and begin commenting on their posts, and they will naturally look at your profile to find out who you are.

And just like that, you’ve got a profile view that might eventually turn into a follower.

The strength of this, however, lies in the fact that not only the creator of the post you commented on but also their followers will see your remark.

That means if your remark is helpful, it has the potential to be viewed by dozens or even hundreds of people.

But you’ll need a fantastic engagement plan to make it work. If you need a good example, here it is:

  • Comment on at least 10 posts using each hashtag.
  • NEVER leave a useless remark, NEVER SPAM. The usual “Great post, thanks for sharing” type of feedback is useless.
  • You may reach a wide audience with minimal effort by using hashtags. Put 30 related hashtags in the post’s title or comments whenever you make a new post.

If you want to expand the reach of your hashtags, use this tactic:

  • It’s recommended that you choose 5 hashtags so the top posts have 20% less likes than your average post has (so if your posts typically have 1,000 likes, the posts on the ‘top’ page of the hashtag should have about 800 likes).
  • Twenty hashtags that have a high level of similar engagement (i.e., if your posts earn 1,000 likes, the posts on the ‘top’ page of the hashtag should also have 1,000 likes).
  • Five hashtags where the top 20% of posts have more than 100% of the total likes (so if your posts earn 1,000 likes, the posts on the ‘top’ page of the hashtag should have 1,200 likes).
  • Follow this guideline and generate 5 sets of hashtags to use in alternating fashion across all of your future posts.


In an effort to compete with and ultimately surpass TikTok, Instagram has started extensively promoting Instagram Reels.

This is why, once you begin publishing them, you will experience unprecedented levels of exposure and interest in your profile as a result of the algorithm’s promotion of your posts to a massive audience.

You’re intrigued by how potent they are and want to give them a try.

Disseminate Material Relating to Current Events

Sharing information related to popular subjects is another wonderful and tried and true method of increasing visibility. The algorithm prioritises sharing content that is highly engaging and has been developed around a trending topic.

More people will notice your posts, increasing the likelihood that they will check out your profile. Just give it a shot and see how it goes.

How to Make Posts That Get More Likes on Instagram


After that, decide how you want to offer the material to the target audience.

Everything from the layout and style (stories, carousels, regular photographs, sizes, etc.) to the logo and tagline should be consistent with the brand.

In a presentation, the most important factors are the story being told and the visuals used to convey that story.

Keep the tone consistent with your brand and make the point crystal clear. Finally, analyse the numbers, and work on bettering yourself often.


This is something I discussed in the worth part. You won’t succeed if you are irrelevant.

That’s why it’s important to do research on your demographic and create content that speaks directly to their needs.

More people will become followers if you provide material in this way than you can possibly keep track of.

Here ends Instagram’s biggest growth secret. You’re on the fast track to greatness once you figure out this hidden formula.