How To Leverage Instagram Filters To Attract More Followers?

Instagram filters are a simple way to give your brand’s posts a uniform appearance across the app. They are intuitive and pre-installed in the app, so editing your images is a breeze.

Instagram Filters: What Are They?

Instagram filters are a type of pre-made picture editing tool that alters and enhances the look of your photos in subtle ways. This may involve lightening shadows, adding color, or reducing the brightness of an overexposed image. Since filters are often applied to the whole image, you’ll want to exercise caution if your shot contains both dark and light areas.

There are hundreds of user-created filters available on Instagram, and dozens of third-party applications that may be used to apply filters to photos. Instagram, however, comes equipped with its own arsenal of time-saving filters. You can make as many adjustments as you like if the filter itself doesn’t give you the desired effect.

Sort by Your Company’s Name

It’s crucial to think about your brand, post’s subject, and industry when picking which Instagram filters to apply. As an illustration, consider the bridal market. Many people picture something light, white, and airy when they think of a wedding. It might not make sense for a wedding planner to apply a dark filter. Your Instagram followers may sense that something is odd if you post this. Keep in mind that you’re utilising Instagram to promote your company and draw in new consumers. They won’t become a new follower on Instagram if they don’t enjoy the aesthetic of your images.

Every person is special, and every product has its own identity. You should start with the industry as a whole, but then narrow in on your individual brand. Swipe through and find your new favourite brand-specific Instagram filter.

Incorporate a Retro Look

Your brand’s aesthetic may call for pictures to have a retro, film-like appearance. You might also use this effect to experiment with a few photographs. Explore other picture effects like Gingham, Reyes, and Aden. These Instagram filters reduce the colour saturation of the original photo to simulate an old effect. They still contain color, albeit it has been dulled down to give them an aged appearance.

Intense Hues

If you want your Instagram feed to reflect your brand’s personality, try using bright colours. Clarendon, Lark, and Lo-Fi are the ideal filters for this purpose. Your brand will get more attention and more Instagram followers if you use any of these filters. 

Photography Food Filters

It’s common knowledge that food bloggers and photographers flock to the social media platform Instagram. Even if a company has nothing to do with food, you can bet they’ll include at least one or two food-related photographs on their website. You can filter carefully if you choose to share a photo or two of food.

Instagram filters Helena and Slumber are considered two of the finest for food photographs. 

The de-saturating effects of Slumber give your images an ethereal, dreamlike quality that makes even the most unappetizing food appear delicious. Helena is also a fantastic choice because of the personality it brings to the picture.

In monochrome

Perhaps you’re ready for a change on Instagram. Since not everyone feels comfortable with color, you may want to go with a black and white aesthetic. Black and white may seem like a no-brainer motif, but there are several Instagram filters to choose from. 

Moon is your first choice. The moon adds dramatic depth to your black and white photographs by bringing out the details in the shadows. Then there’s willow, which works great if you’re going for a rustic, old-fashioned vibe. Similar to the other retro Instagram filters we discussed, this one makes the photo look nearly sepia-like by removing all of the colour and highlighting details in the shadows. Finally, we recommend the most fundamental black and white filter, Inkwell. Both landscapes and portraits benefit greatly from its use. 

Attempting the “No Filter” Style

Instagram filters are great for enhancing photos occasionally, but they may sometimes diminish their inherent beauty or distort the intended business message. This is why some companies recommend going without a filter if you can. If you want to capture and emphasise the true beauty of the snapshot you’re presenting, go for the natural appearance.

If the themes of your account are self-respect and self-love, this is a great choice. Instagram followers will have more faith in you if they see that you actually practise what you teach by posting authentic, unedited photographs. A company whose message is “love yourself just the way you are” probably shouldn’t post photos with heavy filters.

Get More Instagram Followers by Using Filters

You’ve learned when and why to apply Instagram filters. Now, let’s discuss how you should put them to use, particularly if you want to increase your Instagram following and popularity. Instagram fans like regular updates and are drawn to visually appealing profiles. 

Organic Instagram expansion is a topic we discuss frequently at Kicksta. One way to do this is to like other users’ photographs, which will catch their eye and maybe lead them to check out your profile. People will consider following you or not when they view your profile. Maintaining cohesion and uniformity on your page helps entice visitors to become followers.