Business Instagram Bio Examples

At first look, thinking of a topic for an Instagram bio may appear like a straightforward task. However, it’s simple to overlook the significance of Twitter’s 140-character limit. Now is the moment to start utilising Instagram for your business, since the platform’s monthly user base is growing faster than that of Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat combined.

People’s impressions of your company based on your social media presence may be formed in less than two seconds, according to studies. It’s crucial that you hook potential clients right away. Give them a reason to subscribe, like, share, and perhaps buy!

Determine the tone of your brand.

Sharing your company’s voice and character on Instagram is essential for building brand awareness. You may use the bio to represent your brand’s voice in a variety of ways, from lighthearted and quirky to serious and direct.

New York’s Times Square Instagram takes the ‘less is more’ attitude, which makes it easy to use but also highly successful. This is standard practise for well-known businesses, as they don’t need to introduce themselves to the vast majority of their click-through audience. They cut to the chase by just using the term “Telling visual stories.” Their use of emoji shows that they aren’t always dead serious.

However you want to describe your firm in the bio is up to you, regardless of its size. The proprietors of Letterfolk, a modest home-based enterprise, choose to introduce themselves and their company with just a few words. Their slogan, “meaningful products inspired by simpler times,” evokes warm feelings of nostalgia and familiarity that carry over into their wares.

In contrast, LEGO requires noticeably less data. They just let their millions of followers know that they have successfully found their Instagram account. They are consistent with their lighthearted, humorous tone by assuring customers that “everything is awesome!” here. They’ve also incorporated a compelling call-to-action (CTA) brand name link to – maintaining consistency between their brand and their link!

The American cosmetics company Benefit has opted for fan interaction. The tone of their account is established instantly by making their bio a request for user-submitted photos of themselves using and/or wearing their items, along by an appropriate hashtag. In order to grow their audience and strengthen their consumer relationships, they need material from their audience.

Financial news network Cheddar, which broadcasts in real time, went with a no-frills approach. Their branding is consistent as a whole, and the way their highlights are labelled and grouped by genre is very effective. What they cover, where they cover it, and a branded link to their online store are all things they want to get out there.

Use your bio link to its full potential.

The link is crucial while thinking about innovative Instagram bios to use. Given that this is the sole active link on your profile, it should be of high quality. There’s a solid reason why you may have seen us talk about branded links many times previously. These are preferable than utilising a standard shortened link.