5 Tips To Go Viral On TikTok

While the secret sauce to making your TikTok video go viral is unknown, there are tried-and-true ways to increase your visibility and fan base on the app’s burgeoning For You page (FYP). Your FYP is where you can connect with users who have seen your content before but haven’t followed your account.

Tips To Go Viral On TikTok?

When it comes to TikTok, what becomes popular appears to be decided at random. When the app first launched, the most popular videos were usually of people dancing or lip-syncing to a hit song. What is the one thing that all pieces of viral content have in common, though? An appealing new fad in the field of audio that entices listeners to check out content that uses it and, perhaps, take up the practise themselves. That’s the formula for internet fame. Keep in mind that the popularity of viral trends tends to decline rapidly. If you’re a brand hoping to score your first viral hit on TikTok, you should follow the FYP’s trending content closely, as well as take advantage of Dash Hudson’s TikTok insights and the TikTok Entertainment Score feature, which provides feedback on how entertaining your content is likely to be to users.

Find Your Audience and Focus

Setting objectives and settling on a brand voice early on will serve as a beacon as you proceed. Warning: “going viral” is not an objective. Consider how your TikTok channel benefits your followers. Establishing goals for your videos can aid in the formation of your content strategy and in the pursuit of your ideal audience. If you maintain a constant tone, your followers will know exactly what to anticipate from you. These goals need not be set in stone. TikTok analytics will help you see which of your videos are most popular, allowing you to fine-tune your strategy as you go.

Captivate the Reader in a Short Space

Learning how to hook your viewer is the second step in going viral on TikTok. Given that your video might be shown to users who aren’t already familiar with your brand, it’s important that they understand what it’s about within the first few seconds. Keep your videos concise; making your point quickly will pique interest and keep people watching to the end. More people will see your videos because they are more likely to be served up across the FYP as people browse. Popular videos on TikTok all have one thing in common: they tell a story or provide some kind of useful information to the viewer. Use video to teach, inform (by providing useful advice), inspire, or entertain (by cracking us up! The best way to engage an audience (and get them to watch, share, and comment on your content) is to use humour.

Maintain a regular posting schedule

Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule on TikTok is highly recommended, not only so that your fans know what to expect from you but also so that you have some leeway to try out new video production techniques whenever the mood strikes you. To avoid overwhelming your followers with “too much” content, the Following feed is not displayed in chronological order. Maintaining a steady stream of TikTok uploads necessitates also considering when those uploads will resonate most with your viewers.

Thankfully, we have eliminated the need for speculation

There is value in unity and genuineness when there is consistency. The videos you upload to TikTok should all have the same feel and production values. TikTok activity must be consistent with how you present your brand elsewhere online. Your viewers will be able to tell if your videos are fake and untrustworthy. All of your collaborators in the creative process should follow this protocol. You should collaborate with artists who are enthusiastic about your project and its mission.

Identifying and capitalising on trends is a powerful tool for brand promotion. Creativity
The most popular viral videos often make clever use of currently popular music or sounds. TikTok is a platform where innovation and creativity are lauded. It is the goal of the platform to facilitate the individual expression of creative potential. Hashtags and sounds that are currently popular can become stale very quickly, and the platform is teeming with users who are giving their own spin on the latest trends. Pay attention to current and emerging TikTok trends so that you can offer a fresh perspective on them and have your videos featured on the FYP to users who are interested in them. Another strategy to try is using smooth transitions to keep the flow of your content going, engage your audience, and keep them guessing about what’s going to happen next.

Participate and be there; don’t forget about TikTok

Focus on being an active participant in shaping your online identity and capitalising on the platform’s distinctive features. TikTok has a sizable user base because of its community focus. Engage your audience by liking and responding to their comments and questions on your videos. Use feedback from viewers to inform your content strategy, and poll them on relevant topics. Spending time commenting on and sharing videos from other users in your vertical is another strategy for gaining exposure and establishing yourself as an authority in the field.

Consider the Advice of Experts

Brands’ social media strategies need to develop alongside customers’ shifting digital preferences. Digital strategy now includes elements that brands and retailers are expected to provide, such as a streamlined e-commerce experience and investments in growing an online community. Listen in on our on-demand panel discussion with TikTok and Vogue Business to learn more about how TikTok marketing can be used as part of a broader content marketing strategy.