Effective TikTok Analytic Ideas to Understand Your Audience


TikTok analytics are the major key factors to step up your TikTok methods. Here, everything you need to get a free Pro account for TikTok to start experiencing the benefits them. 

In this guide, we would be breaking down TikTok pro analytics, and thereby these measures can support you in establishing your TikTok methods in 2021!

Effective Methods To Write Content:

The content tab opens up with massive concepts and profound knowledge at your fingertips. These measures support you to know what posts your TikTok fans are engaged in, famous content, what your followers are hearing, and much more. 

Let’s classify this by section and enter into how you can effectively use these concepts for your business brands. 

  1. What are Video posts? 

TikTok’s video posts are the space where you can check the top-ranking nine videos that you have posted within a week. It also has received massive growth in video views. 

If you didn’t publish anything within seven days, then you can check the empty control panel, motivating you to post your videos. 

  1. Trending Posts:

When you pick a trending video, you could check which of your videos have been trending on the For You feed page, and the total number of video views for these videos has been gathered completely. 

Contrary to video views for TikTok, the trending video views display content posted outside the seventh day on the reporting window. It provides practical knowledge of what videos are famous, viral during the seventh day, and how many new views and measures individual posts received during the time. 

Actional Tip: It is the perfect space to check if you have got any slow-burner content. 

Moreover, your TikTok videos can check a rise in views for days, weeks, or even months after it’s being posted. Hence don’t judge the post as an instant low-performer. It’s everything about calmness. 

  1. Individual TikTok Posts:

To check your analytics for the individual TikTok posts, just click on the videos’ thumbnails to start its unique control panel. The analytics for every center displays complete data that you need to understand about the performance, where it consists of

  1. Number of TikTok likes per post
  2. Cumulative number of comments
  3. The cumulative shares on your video

What are Video Views?

It includes metrics, everything over the complete views for your content. The section has essential information for you to use as performance indicators for your content. 

Say, for instance, you can identify your week-to-week average range of time that videos are watched to check if your audience retention is increasing. 

Below, there are some of the definitions for everything about the metrics:

Time watched / Views / Average time watched

Traffic Sources:

It refers to where your video’s traffic rate comes from in my country (depending on a percentage of audience views). This measure assists you to understand at which location your top-performing record is. Also, you can 

Audience Overview:

This section explains to you where your followers find your video content. Say, for example, you can look from the post that 86% of the total audience was from the For You feed page. In this analytics, you can quickly increase your TikTok fans count within a short period. 

How To Maintain Your TikTok Fans?

The final part of TikTok analytics is the follower’s tab.

After you come here, you can check out detailed classification depending on what your TikTok followers are listening, watching, and engaging within the last seven days. Then, make your content more effective and buy TikTok likes to increase the look of your posts and get an instant boost. 

TikTok content under this control panel is only displaying data about your fans and the videos they’re watching over all of TikTok.

  2. Gender
  3. Top Demographics places 
  4. Followers actions 
  5. Videos that your followers watched
  6. It sounds like your followers wished to listen. 

Today after reading this article, you can become an expert at TikTok analytics; it is an excellent time for you to check your performance.

Always try to work every week, maintain track of the videos and sounds that your followers have watched most.

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