3 Best Reasons Why Instagram’s Video Are Brand Friendly

Video is sweeping the social media landscape. Instagram is no different. In reality, the average Instagram user now spends more than half of watching videos on the platform. It may not appear to be breaking news, but it’s significant considering Instagram’s reputation as a picture-centric network. Consumers’ appetites for video content will only expand as video channels like TikTok & YouTube continue to grow in popularity.

Fact: Instagram videos generate 49% more interaction than static photo postings. Simply put, today’s consumers are binge-watchers. That’s why marketers are incorporating video in their content strategies & amassing massive audiences as a result. The necessity for social networking videos is universal, & Instagram has improved its game in this area over time.

1. Any brand may take advantage of Instagram’s video formats.

First and foremost, Instagram provides a great deal of formatting versatility to marketers. What do you mean by that? Use the platform’s in-feed video (up to 60 seconds long) for everything from advertising to quick product tutorials. Provided that 73 percent of business-related videos are under two minutes in length, Instagram’s native video format already fulfills the demands of most firms.

Meanwhile, Stories supports 15-second vertical videos. These videos need little in the way of production value & shared in seconds.

Oh, and don’t forget about Instagram Live for live video and IGTV for long-form material. By tracking your progress, you can figure out which type works the best for different sorts of content. If you are creating IGTV videos, you can buy IGTV views to build your content visibility. Refine your plan based on data-driven insights into the kinds of long-form content to which you should devote resources. 

The possibilities for making Instagram videos don’t end there. Instagram Reels and music and editing options were recently added to the site, putting it in direct competition with TikTok. If you run a start-up business and want to promote a brand using Instagram reels, you can buy Instagram reels likes to gain new followers and build reach.

Short-form? Long-form? Is there a middle ground? Regardless of the duration of your Instagram video, the network has you covered. For businesses who currently produce videos for YouTube or Facebook, this is a pleasant extra. It’s simple to repurpose the videos for the platform, and there are several options to cross-post their videos to Instagram.

2. Instagram’s video platform promotes creativity.

When it concerns Instagram posts, creativity is vital. Marketers are continuously experimenting with different video formats, features, and styles to keep their films fresh, as shown in the example section below.

Videos showing the passage of time, explosions of color, and filters with many flashes are more experimented by brands. The list could go on and on. When it comes to crafting unique content on Instagram, businesses get spoiled for options.

3. Regardless of your budget, you can use Instagram video.

Instagram video does not, contrary to widespread assumption, necessitate a large budget or expensive editing tools. All that you need is a mobile phone to get started. Seriously. Even the most popular brands use simple images and basic editing approaches to make appealing videos. Instagram is now about a lot more than simply photos. For every brand trying to develop on the platform, starting up with video is a requirement.


These days, Instagram is about a lot more than just images. For every brand trying to develop on the platform, starting up with videos is a requirement.

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