6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Instagram Engagement in 2021

Instagram is one of the successful marketing platforms with 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users. More than 80% of brands are using Instagram to promote their product to a wider audience. And they are getting higher engagement for their brands. Instagram is one of the best platforms with higher engagement rates than other social media platforms like Facrbook, Twitter, and Prientest.  

When you receive higher engagement for your videos, it will reach a larger audience. When you get more audience to your profile, you can easily enhance your business on Instagram. Here are the unique ways to increase your Instagram engagement. 

1. Post Consistently

If you need to attract more followers and boost your engagement rate, you should be active to win Instagram marketing. According to research, posting two times every day will help you to get more engagement for your post. It is the best way to keep your followers’ feed stay fresh about your brand or business. If you are using an Instagram business account, you can easily check your insights to know the best time to post on Instagram. With these metrics, you can find your audience’s most active time on Instagram and post content in this time to reach more audience to your profile. 

2.Embrace Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the most popular Instagram features that offers plenty of opportunity for brands and content creators to engage with their potential audience. Instagram research says one-third of the viewed stories are posted by the brand on Instagram. To attract your target audience on the platform, create high-quality content and get more story views. When you buy views for Instagram stories, you can instantly boost your reach on the platform. Make sure to use some creative Instagram story stickers and expand your content reach to a massive audience. 

3. Use The Right Hashtag

Selecting the best hashtag for your content will decide to make your post top on Instagram or at the bottom of the search bar. Many people use some non-trending hashtags to attract more audience, but this idea doesn’t work on Instagram. Instead, you can use a mix of popular and industry-related hashtags to find your target audience on Instagram. To get better results to analyze each hashtag and see how many likes and views you got in your top-performing post. Instagram research says, 90% of top brands on Instagram use less than seven hashtags in your post to get a higher engagement rate. Adding branded hashtags in your post will help you to reach your target audience to enhance your business. Even adding one hashtag to your post will get more engagement than a post without hashtags. 

4. Add Effects And Emojis

Always use effects and filters in your Instagram post to attract more audience to your profile. People always like to interact with high quality to achieve more knowledge about brands. Use emojis effectively because single emojis tell more information than words. So adding emojis in your post will make your audience understand what you are going to say. When you share quality and attractive posts, it will increase your Instagram reach and impression. If you buy Instagram impressions for your post, you can quickly boost your reach and get more audience to your profile. 

5. Add Links To Your Post

One of the simplest ways to drive more engagement and traffic to your website is by adding links to your post. Create informative content with clickable and encourage your followers to click to drive more traffic to your website. Also, you can add links to your story to engage your potential audience. These are the valuable tips to boost your engagement rate on Instagram in 2021. 

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